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>> 09 April 2010

Become an Actor

If you're wondering what it takes to make it in the acting field, you need to ask yourself one very important question before you begin: Why do you want to become an actor? If you answer is that you want to be rich and famous, you should stop right now. Like any art, acting takes hard work and passion for the craft. The business can be gruelling and almost always involves a lot of rejection. There are thousands of actors who work constantly, but are never known by name. They keep at their art because they love it. If you are going to become an actor, so should you.

The World is a Stage!

Any kind of life experience can benefit your acting talent as long as you learn from it. While you need solid, tangible roles and training to build your resume, any project that you undertake that helps you reflect on yourself can be considered a victory. There's no substitute for work experience and training, but life experience adds the seasoning that makes a better actor. Pay attention to all that happens in your life -- good and bad. Living your life fully and with open eyes will make any role you play richer and more real.
Acting information can be acquired in several different ways. You can speak with your peers and people you are connected to who have previous industry experience. For training information check out classes offered at local acting schools. You can find lists of these online. Information on casting directors and agents can be found readily in industry publications such as Ross Reports. You may wish to gain experience by acting in studnet films. Try calling the film departments of schools of the arts in your area.


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